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Chaire industrielle ANR-ECL-SNECMA ADOPSYS


chair industrielle ADOPSYS     ANR
Aeroacoustics of Ducted and Open-rotor Propulsion SYStems

The industrial Chair ADOPSYS is dedicated to advanced studies on the aerodynamic noise from modern propulsion systems in aeronautics. The scope covers noise reduction at source by means of improved understanding and modelling of the underlying generating mechanisms. It includes the present turbofan technology and new architectures, such as counter-rotating open rotors (CRORs) or advanced propellers. The LMFA contributes through its recognized knowledge of aeroacoustic prediction strategies using analytical techniques and/or high-resolution computational methods, as well as by carrying out basic experiments on fundamental aspects. The final objective is to increase the competitiveness of the partner and to reduce noise impact around airports according to the ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe) objectives: perceived noise reduced by -10 dB by 2020 and -15 dB by 2050 relative to the year 2000.

  • Industrial chair ECL/SNECMA (SAFRAN Group), hosted by LMFA, Chair holder Stéphane Moreau 4-year research (2014-2018), 5 PhD programs, 1 post-doc position, 1 chair-holder position, Funding SAFRAN and ANR.
  • Kickoff meeting (in french !) - Installation de la chaire industrielle ANR-SNECMA ADOPSYS (2014-2018)
    le jeudi 3 avril 2014 à 11h30 en amphithéâtre 3.
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