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Geneviève Comte-Bellot

ECL, Amphitheatre Jacques Bordet (W1 building)
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slides of the presentations can be downloaded below

Thursday 29th October 2009
Chairman: Daniel Juvé
10:00 Opening and welcome
Patrick Bourgin, Head of ECL
Michel Lance, Head of LMFA
Chairman: Michel Lance
10:30 Geoffrey Lilley, University of Southampton, UK.  slides
On the Theory of Motion in the Universe
11:00 Jack Seiner, The University of Mississippi, USA.  slides
Select Aeroacoustic Problems Associated with High Performance Aerospace Vehicles
11:30 Sanjiva Lele, Stanford University, USA.  slides
Numerical Experiments on Shock-Turbulence Interaction
12:00 Lunch
Chairman: Jean-Pierre Bertoglio
14:00 Marcel Lesieur, Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.  slides
Advances in large-eddy simulations to explore turbulence
14:30 Tom Gatski, Université de Poitiers, France.  slides
Shock Impingement and Turbulent Wall-Bounded Flow Dynamics
15:00 Rainer Friedrich, Technische Universität München, Germany.  slides
Compressible Turbulent Channel and Pipe Flow: Similarities and Differences
15:30 Coffee break
Chairman: Olivier Métais
16:00 Mike Karweit, Johns Hopkins University, USA.  slides
Motion of suspended nanoparticles in a field of periodic obstacles
16:30 Jean Bataille, Université Lyon I, France.  text images
Special lecture
18:30 Reception - Part-Dieu Tower
Friday 30th October 2009
Chairman: Claude Cambon
09:30 Katepalli Sreenivasan, International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy.  slides
GC-B @ 1K ?
10:00 Laurent Jacquin, ONERA, France.  
Vortex based strategies for turbulent flow control
10:30 Yukio Kaneda, Nagoya University, Japan.  slides
Formation of columnar structure in rotating turbulence
11:00 Coffee break
Chairman: Jean Paul Bonnet
11:30 Sébastien Candel, Ecole Centrale Paris, France
New trends in combustion instability analysis and control
12:00 Patrick Huerre, CNRS - Ecole Polytechnique, France.  slides
Self-sustained oscillations and sound in hot jets
12:30 Lunch
Chairman: Bill George
14:30 Pierre Sagaut, Université Paris VI, France.  slides
New issues in LES of turbulent flows: multiphysics and uncertainty modelling
15:00 Michel Stanislas, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France.  slides
Can PIV bring something to turbulence understanding and modelling ?
15:30 Phil Morris, Penn State University, USA.  slides
The importance of hot-wire measurements in aeroacoustics
16:00 Coffee break
Chairman: Daniel Juvé
16:30 Shon Ffowcs Williams, University of Cambridge, UK.
Good Aeroacoustics is Fun
Closing ceremony  slides

Visit of the museum of Lyon Civil Hospices
Banquet in the Grand Refectory of Hôtel-Dieu Hospital